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Welcome to George Town, Penang. I am the heritage writer for this web site. As someone who was born and who is living here in Penang, I am very proud to introduce you to my island.

View of the Penang Bridge from my house
Sunrise view from my balcony in Penang

I do appreciate the view I get from my balcony every morning. I enjoy the fresh breeze I get coming from the sea daily. For all the bad press and the pollution that mar the reputation of the island, I still love my hometown.

The reason is because I believe Penang still has its charm. It is only waiting to be discovered. Like the Malay saying: "Tak kenal maka tak cinta" - unknown makes unwanted. Maybe calling myself a heritage writer is not really an appropriate title, but it is something that I want to become.

Why do I start this web site? Penang Heritage City is a hard topic. It is a responsibility that I am willing to take on. It will be a lifelong effort. Crucial for the next generations to be aware about the history and heritage of Penang.

Nazlina at her favorite hang out at Penang National Park.
Nazlina at her favorite hang out at Penang National Park.

I may be an amateur in the topics I write about here but the stories truly come from the heart.

I try my very best to set the records straight with extensive research. Please contact me to comment if there are some inaccurate facts on this web site.

It is actually my second personal web site too.

My first web site, talks about Malaysian food, notably about pickles and spices that give so much characters to Penang cuisine.

I am happy to hear that the credibility of this food web site makes it possible for me to start a traditional food  cooking class at Tropical Spice Garden.

I never knew that one day I would be the author for these two web sites. Let alone becoming a professional heritage writer and webmaster.

Another reason that made me start this web site is the fact that when I was hired to design, create and write a web site for an architectural firm, I stumbled upon the fascinating facts about the shop houses. The variety and the stories behind some of these units were really interesting for me.

When I was younger, I also did not appreciate how rich and valuable the heritage values that Penang had back then. Only after traveling around and finally coming back to settle down here, do I understand the significance of Penang as a heritage city.

It was a standing joke in my family that I was the little girl who visited the museum and refused to go home until she finished reading all the inscriptions on each exhibit! Finally, after almost forty years, I understand the passion I have inside me. It is waiting to be let out in the pages of this Penang Heritage City web site.

I build this web site following the principle of CTPM, taught by SBI! Without spending more time explaining the system here, you may visit the link to my other web site that explains this step by step method of building profitable web sites.

Like I said before, this web site will slowly grow. It is a lifelong effort. One day, it would be nice to look back and see that my effort has born fruits. If a few of my readers gain benefits from the articles here, I would be more than happy. Enjoy Penang Heritage City. The journey starts here.

Best wishes from me,

Nazlina Hussin

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