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Charm Bracelets and Chunky Bracelets
by Splendour Jewelleries

Charm bracelets and chunky bracelets have always been popular as fun or elegant accessories, especially for women, even for young girls.

In our Malay community, baby girls are given their first gold jewellery when they are a few months old. Normally they come in the form of a thin gold necklace or a small bracelet with a with a heart shape charm which looks so sweet around the tiny wrist. Sometimes the charm has a little metal ball in it that tinkles when the baby's hand moves.

Blue Obsidian Charm Bracelet
Blue Obsidian Charm Bracelet

In the western world, charm bracelets also never go out of style. Only the kinds of charms may change but they always come back after several years. The bracelet or chain may be made of silver, gold or stainless steel metal. In modern times, the chains are made so that they do not tarnish or non-allergenic by plating them with rhodium or other alloy like stainless steel.

Charm bracelets from Italy are world renowned. The Italians, with their long tradition of craftsmanship and creativity have come up with various charm designs that have become classic. It is interesting to know that the practice of wearing charm bracelets started as early as 700BC by the Babylonians. Before, the ancient Egyptians had already used charms as jewellery or talisman from 3000BC.

Charm Bracelet

Therefore, it is not surprising that my best selling items so far are the bracelets. In order to complement these bracelets, Splendour Jewelleries offers a selection of other accessories using semi-precious gems. They include necklaces, ring and ear-rings.

These gems are set in rhodium plated metal. The chain for the bracelets is stainless steel. I do not use silver because it will tarnish easily and extra care has to be taken when wearing it too.

As the supply of certain stones are limited, in size, shape or matching colors, I am only able to make a limited edition of my handmade jewelleries. I am happy to tell you that my creations are sought after by a growing number of clientele, including local television celebrities.

Besides metal setting, I also play around with knots using cotton cord. I learned to make Chinese Good Luck knots, among others to create traditionally inspired twist in my designs.

This art of tying up knots as decoration has been practiced for the last three thousand years by the Chinese. The knots are used extensively in drapes and flags for Chinese celebrations and they can be used for tying up gems too.

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