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Chinese Funeral Procession with Pictures

Chinese funeral procession is pictured here. It started from the deceased house to the cemetery. According to the custom, the route follows the normal route the deceased used to take in her life. For example, where she used to go to the market, to work or to visit friends. It is the last farewell to this life.

The procession is accompanied by live or recorded music, sometimes the tune is lively and upbeat but in some cases it is harrowing and sad. The time for this procession is usually done either at around 10.30 a.m. or 2.30 pm.

The order of the funerary procession is as the following:

Chinese funeral procession
Vertical banner bearer in the front. This banner is known as "Teik". Normally the color of the banner is white, but since the woman died after reaching 80 years old, the color is red. It bears the eulogy of the deceased woman.

Chinese funeral procession
Musicians followed suit

 Chinese funeral procession
Mock sedan chairs made out of paper

Chinese funeral procession
The grand sedan chair followed later, in front of the hearse

Chinese funeral procession
Grieving relatives following the hearse. In some cases, mourners wear clothes made out of gunny sacks.

Chinese funeral procession
More grieving relatives and friends. The mourning colors of black and white are worn. They also wear a black and white badge on the right shoulder for 100 days during the grieving period.

Chinese funeral procession Chinese funeral procession
The priests lead the grand sedan chair.

Chinese funeral procession Chinese funeral procession
Before the funerary procession. The hearse was beautifully decorated with flowers and the picture of the deceased. In this case it was an elderly female - a much beloved mother, grandmother, daughter, niece, aunt, sister and wife to the family.

A funeral is not the end of the journey. The deceased will always be remembered, especially during the Qing Ming festival (also spelled as Ching Ming). The remains would either be cremated or buried according to the will of the deceased.

It is the old custom of the Chinese people to honor their ancestors. They believe that the spirits of their ancestors will look after them in this life when the going gets tough. Therefore, offering of food like fruits or cakes are always present on the main altar in their houses, accompanied by daily prayers.

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