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Farish A Noor

Farish A Noor was born in Penang in 1967. His ancestors were categorized as "Jawi Peranakan" when they arrived in Penang.

Dr. Farish A Noor
Dr. Farish A. Noor ; picture by Danny Lim, taken from the NutGraph

He is an academic with a long list of credentials and is attached to educational institutions in Singapore, Indonesia and German.

Being a scholar in Philosophy and Political Science as well as a researcher on ethnic and religion diversity, he has enough weight as an active political historian. He has given numerous lectures and presentations across the globe. Also, the author of several books in the field. 

Dr. Farish A Noor is one of the co-founders of The Other Malaysia web site, a site that tries to give an unbiased and educated view about the past and current situation in Malaysia.

This web site has a few on-going projects that collect data for study. One of them sounds really interesting to me.

The project is trying to collect data and invite submissions from couples (or off-springs of couples) who were multi-racial, to reveal what happened during the incident of May 13th, 1969.

(I was about eight weeks old in my mother's womb at that time, so I could not tell).

It would be interesting (not to mention educational) to know, how the couples coped in the aftermath of the incident. Did life go back to normal? Did they split up? Or, did they cement a stronger bond? Or, was there a silent war in the household?

On this Penang Heritage web site, Dr. Farish has contributed some very nice old pictures and postcards for my use. He has been collecting these old photos during his stay and travel in Europe. In the heyday of the British Empire, it was fashionable to send postcards back home to Europe from the exotic places that one had been under the colony.

I would like to thank Dr. Farish very much for his generosity.

You may read more interesting and personal experience of Dr. Farish when he was growing up here. Complete with fantastic old photos too!

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