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George Town market research

George Town market research was carried out by MPPP, World Heritage Inc and ThinkCity between 18-21 March 2011. The objective is to get the public's feedback, from vendors and shoppers alike.

George Town Market research George Town Market research

On the first day it was held, I was busy with six cooking class students, we shopped for our fresh ingredients there, therefore, I had no time to participate in the survey. Second day was also busy, buying supplies for 27 members of Yoga Group from Penang Swimming Club. On the third day, I made the time to participate and gave valuable inputs to the questionnaires.

George Town Market research

Young people who manned their booth at the corner of Campbell Street and Kuala Kangsar road waved their questioneannaiores, flyers and also press statement, urging members of the public to participate. They designed a fun way of answering the questions by using sticker, boxes and bottle caps to quickly run the survey.

George Town Market research

This is understandable because people who frequent the market are always in the rush and have not much time to stop and answer the questionnaires. For their trouble and time, they were treated with a cup of cold drinks.

George Town Market research

So what were the questions?

  • How frequent do you come and shop at the market?
  • What kinds of items that you buy from the market?
  • What kind of infrastructure do you want to make your shopping easier?
  • How should the vendors be located inside the buildings, categorized by their merchandize?
  • Should there still be street market outside the building?
  • Should the road still be blocked or make it accessible by vehicles?
  • Should Campbell Street market be abolished to make way for a bigger Chow Rasta? If the answer is yes/no,
  • Why?

These are relevant questions indeed.

As a culinary guide who bring visitors to the markets four times a week, I think it is about time the markets undergo a huge upgrading exercise. However we still want the spirit of the market intact. We do not want another hypermarket at Chow Rasta. It is up to the local councils to think of the ways to balance these requirements.

George Town Market research

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