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Healing Properties of Gems

Healing properties of gems are determined by many factors. Depending on which cultural background you are using as reference, this art has been perfected over the years by gems masters.

They combine horoscope and their knowledge of gems to cure some sickness or balance the body to be in harmony with the rest of the universe.

Agate necklace
Agate Necklace

Even though many people dismiss this idea as hocus-pocus, there are some interesting stories about the effectiveness of gems therapy.

It is believed that the best place to wear them is around your neck and the shape of the stone should be spherical.

The benefits and cures as presented below are based on previously published literatures and experiences of other users and it cannot be used as a medical substitute from a physician.

Here is a list of potential illnesses that can be cured which I have been sharing with my clients. Please note that this table serves as a guide only.

Types of Gems Beneficial for:
Agate Stimulate digestive system, strengthen stomach and uterus and an excellent stone during pregnancy.
Amethyst Release stress, tension and ease migraine and headache. Treat insomnia and restlessness.
Aventurine Regularize blood pressure, effective for eczemas and skin problems and relieve headaches. Also called “money stone”, is believed to bring prosperity.
Bloodstone Good for blood circulation and beneficial for blood-rich organs and also helpful in case of leukemia.
Carnelian Excellent stone for abdomen. Increase fertility. Ease asthmatic and rheumatic ailment.
Chrysocolla Stimulate metabolism and regulate hormones. Help bone disease, arthritis and backaches. Treat PMS and menstrual cramps.
Flourite Strengthen concentration and has strong influence on bone formation. Help to ease colds, flu and sinusitis. Good for arthritis and osteoporosis.
Garnet Stimulate blood circulation and to treat anaemia. Has great beneficial on reproduction organs and increase sexual power.
Jasper Support sexual organs and activates reproduction organs. Helps digestion problems.
Labradorite Relieve stress, menstrual tension and regulate metabolism. Help rheumatism and gout.
Lapis Lazuli Take away migraine headaches. Good for menstruation pains. Help to alleviate insomnia and vertigo. A great help with cancer patient at early stage.
Onyx Good for teeth, bones and feet. Stimulate blood circulation. Strengthen nails, skin, eyes and help with hair loss.
Rose Quartz Strengthen heart and circulatory system. Help chest and lung problems. Help to smooth complexion. Good for Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases. A ‘love stone”, help with relationship and love life.
Smoky Quartz Help to overcome depression. Relieve headache and strengthen the back. Ideal stone against smoking.
Tiger's Eye Strengthen bones and joints. Good for asthmatic. Helps concentration. Helpful for repairing broken bones.
Turquoise Strengthen heart. Help to ease gout and cataracts. Alleviate cramps.
For comparison, here is a list of potential illnesses that can be cured according to Ayurveda Encyclopedia.
Types of Gems Beneficial for:
Ruby or Red Garnet Heart problems, unhealthy spleen, hypertension, infections, fevers, bile, hot temper and impatience, acne, low energy, poor circulation, edema, eyesight, bones, arthritis or illness related to the brain.
Moonstone or Pearl Infertility problem, kidney or lung disease and mental disorder.
Corals Reducing fevers, inflammations, ulcers, bleeding problems, weak muscles, liver or small intestines problems, lack of vitality and accidents.
Green colored gems Reducing vertigo, giddiness, lethargic, mental problems, stuttering, memory loss, anxiety, nervousness and indigestion
Yellow colored gems Strengthening weak immune system, tumors, arterial circulation, weight loss, jaundice, liver, abscess, pancreas, nerve and glandular dysfunction.
Diamonds or clear zircons (zircon is NOT cubic zirconia or CZ) Helping to clear blocked reproductive and urinary systems, kidneys failure, anemia, infertility, weak bones, weak immune system.
Blue Sapphire/Amethyst/Lapis Lazuli Helping weak bones to get stronger,  calming the nerves, vitality, ease constipation, epilepsy, paralysis, cancer, immune disease.
Gomedha (Hessonite Garnet) Nervousness, indigestion, loss of coordination, mental disorders
Cat's Eye Curing poor digestion or circulation, bleeding, weak muscles, nervous system, cancer, paralysis, immune diseases

This table for healing properties of gems serves as a guide only. Gems of course can be worn to enhance your outfit or to fit the occasion. You can look at my products to see if any of them catch your fancy.

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