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Heritage House For Sale in Penang

Heritage house for sale in Penang is actually quite hard to come by -- the one which is in good condition, that is.

Pre-war shop-houses especially, are limited in numbers. They come in many shapes, sizes, styles and also conditions. Price range? It goes from RM380 000 up (even in a dilapidated state!) to a cool RM3 million and above per unit.

Brittany House
The Interior of Brittany House.

One good thing about these shop houses is, once the old broken elements are removed and restored, the magnificent shell that remains is very flexible to be molded according to the owner's fancy.

Coupled with some good advise from local architects and builders who are well-versed in restoration methods, these forgotten houses can be turned into master pieces that will last for at least another one hundred years.

heritage house for sale in Penang
View of the mezzanine floor.

That was the intention of the current owner when he bought the rundown former dispensary at No. 15, Muntri Street.

This house, renamed as Brittany House, is a marvel. I have

Courtyard next to the spacious kitchen.

been to many restored houses around George Town, but I have to say this: this house tops the list as my favorite.

The outer facade of Chinese Straits Settlement shop house style is maintained. However, once you step inside, you are most likely to exclaim in wonder.

spiral staircase
This spiral staircase is a clear winner in terms of functionality as well as being artistic.

Clever ways of utilizing the space available, making it as airy as possible, without air-conditioning, as well as utilizing natural rain water for water supply are some of the features why Brittany House appeals to me.

The house is furnished in mixed furniture styles, from contemporary pieces to antiques, but strangely enough, they go pretty well together.

A fully equipped modern kitchen, which overlooks an open courtyard at the back is also a big plus.

Materials used are of the best quality. Solid hardwood is used extensively. A few original elements are retained, such as some of the flooring planks, granite slabs as well as the front and the back doors.

Even though the interior of the house looks modern, actually, the foundation of the house was restored by digging a trench and layering the base with several layers of ancient construction materials, including wood ash. The reason is to mimic old construction methods that allowed subterranean water to evaporate and the floor and walls to "breathe". For this reason also, the wall's finishing is lime plaster, instead of modern emulsion paints.

Care was also taken not to remove prominent original support beams at some places. Airflow study was conducted to ensure energy efficiency as well. In short, this house is a fine example how a restoration work should be done.

Brittany House is now available for sale. Please contact me if you are interested to buy it. My real estate agent will answer your queries.

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