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Heritage Passport called "George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site 2009 Passport" was published to the visitors of George Town to commemorate the event of the first anniversary.

Penang heritage passport Penang heritage passport

At only RM8.00, you get a small booklet resembling a passport with maps, description and pictures of prominent heritage landmarks in the city.

I bought mine right at the entrance of the Khoo Kongsi, just when it was starting to get dark, around 7:00 pm on Saturday 25th July 2009. Hmm, interesting. Most of the sites have been visited, except for the Clan jetty, Ming Eng Soo temple, the Yeoh Kongsi and also the Church of Assumption. If I were to collect all twelve stamps on all locations marked green by 10:00 pm, I'd better hurry!

Penang heritage passport

In order to complete the mission, I followed the map on foot. Along the way, I got distracted by the sights and sound of the crowd. It was really festive. There were many booths especially set up to showcase local food and crafts. There were visitors from all walks of life, both locals and foreigners. At some places, I could see stages being set up for performers to act, sing, play music or dance.


Luckily all locations have special desks set up for you to get your passport stamped. I got to see the excited faces of those who managed to do all of them in record time. My last spot visited was Ming Eng Soo temple at Jalan Pintal Tali. Despite feeling a bit antsy having to walk alone along the road to get there, I completed my mission before 9:00 pm. Phew!

So many stories can be told from each of these places. Do I have enough time to tell them all? I'll try. Bit by bit, I will write it all down, to document the stories of the places as featured in the heritage passport.

Until next time.

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