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Islamic Museum Visit
by Johan, a Ten Year-Old Boy

Islamic Museum visit was included in an essay written by Johan Anuar for his school monthly test. It was written in the Malay language. He was given several topics to write but he chose this particular one because it was easier to write something that he had experienced and enjoyed doing.

Replica of Batu Bersurat
The replica of
Batu Bersurat

On the 26th of July 2008. I went to a festival being held in front of the Penang Islamic Museum. When I got there, I saw that a group of performers were singing and dancing boria, which was one of the famous shows in Penang.

After the performance, I went inside the museum, I was amazed to see the Inscription Stone (Batu Bersurat) on display right at the front entrance.

(Editor's note: The stone was only a replica, the real Batu Bersurat which was found in Kuala Terengganu is now being displayed at Terengganu State Museum)

I went to visit all around the building. I saw many old things, books and also some mannequins showing how people used to live in Penang long time ago.

I liked to see the old bicycle next to a display of old tins and things for sale, the boat used to carry spices and also dark mannequins carrying cargo from the boat.

Ottu kedai (shop built against another building's wall)
A display of a typical Ottu Kedai - sundry shop built against
a wall with a roof and three partitions on the sides
with its merchandise

Indian stevedores carrying cargo Chinese coolies lifting chests into the cargo hold
Malay traders selling daily necessities Islamic museum showcase
These were normal human activities at
the Penang Harbour over a hundred years ago

When I was finished with the tour, I went outside to enjoy the traditional Malay cakes being served. There were many types of them and they were all very delicious! They were kuih bahulu, kuih kapal terbang, kuih bangkit and others. There were also two types of drinks: orange juice and milk tea.

Johan enjoying delicious Malay traditional cakes
with his sister, Johanna

Later, I walked around to see other places. I came across a lion dance performed outside a Chinese Temple.

When the night came, there was a Chingay performance and more lion dance.

I walked all the way to the Esplanade following the procession.

At the Town Hall, there were many people enjoying the show too.

It ended with a spectacular display of fireworks. I truly enjoyed being at the festival.

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