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Little India Photos

In these Little India photos in Penang, you can see daily activities which are common in the area. It is a bustling place, with many traders plying their wares, from the humble bicycle man peddling roti to goldsmith selling precious gems and jewelry.

Little India Penang Little India Penang
A butcher cutting a choice piece of mutton and the locals enjoying their simple breakfast of chapatti and roti canai.

  coconut seller in Little India Penang samosa  in Little India Penang
A man preparing a coconut for fresh coconut juice, you may also eat the flesh too. Another man frying delicious Indian snacks.

bright Indian bangles, Little India Penang  fresh flowers, Little India Penang
Things to buy: bright bangles and fresh flowers. 

Feeding pigeons in Little India Penang
An Indian lady in traditional costume feeding the pigeons
that flock the area.

saree on sale at Little India  fresh green coconuts in Little India Penang
Fashionable sarees and fresh coconuts: all part and parcel out of Little India.

Little India Penang, Gift shop selling religious and ethnic theme.
A gift shop with religious and ethnic theme.

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