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In these National Park photos in Penang, you can see the beauty and the natural heritage that the park has to offer to visitors. Be grateful that we still have this national treasure on the island. When you go there, please observe all park rules: no littering, no campfires, no picking up flora or fauna. Please check out the map too to get an idea of the relative location of the places shown below.

Penang National Park base
Penang National Park base as seen from the sea.

  Pantai Kerachut
The pristine beach of Pantai Kerachut.

Boats dropping passengers at Pantai Kerachut
Boats dropping off visitors at Pantai Kerachut.

The campsite and the meromictic lake at Pantai Kerachut.

 meromictic lake 
 This picture of the lake was taken when the lake was dry.

dry meromictic lake
Another view of the dry meromictic lake from the other side,
you can see the hanging bridge that connects the jungle to the beach.

   tree hut
A hut on a slope at Teluk Tukun.

Sungai Tukun Bridge
The small bridge over Sungai Tukun.

open deck at Sungai Tukun
Tranquility that can only be found near the pools of Sungai Tukun.

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