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Nostalgic Penang Journal Book Review

Nostalgic Penang Journal Book ReviewNostalgic Penang Journal is a wonderful book. It literally can function as your journal as well, if you are willing to deface the book. It is simply divine! That's what I can say about this treasure.

I was lucky to get a complimentary copy courtesy of Tze, one of the co-authors. She also wrote "Penang Passion: food and food tales from Penang."

I gingerly leafed through it and was mesmerized by its aesthetic value as well as the extra knowledge that I gleaned from it.

The front cover has embossed postal mark of UNESCO logo, signifying the inscription of Penang as a heritage city. THAT is cool!

It felt as if I was transported back in time. There are plenty of old pictures, plenty of quotes, exquisite details of Nyonya embroidery that one would find at a typical Peranakan Cina home, their tableware, their kebayas, their culture. *Sigh* For someone like me, a culture buff, it is pure bliss. 

You would also walk down the memory lane browsing through the pictures, the old ones are captivating in their own rights and the new ones still feature some Old World charm too.

Nostalgic Penang Journal Book Review nyonya tableware 
Exquisite Nyonya memorabilia;
Some of the pictures featured in the book.

There is a section devoted to dying arts, like the old ways of making joss sticks, the lantern and also wooden signboards. Not forgetting the old rattan furniture maker who still plies his trade despite the hardship and competition by new techniques, styles or younger people.

Nostalgic Penang Journal Book Review
The old rattan furniture maker.

Are you interested to know more about the tram, the jinrikshaw and the trishaws in Penang? This book has really nice photos and description about the modes of transportation back then.

You adore the old ways of making Penang favorite foods? Look no further, leaf through the book and you will be satisfied with the pictures! Enough said!

Famous people from Penang who were born here, like P. Ramlee and the Honda tycoon Loh Boon Siew also grace the book.

There are many other little delightful tit-bits to savor here. I can only say despite its size, this is one of my most satisfying books to read to date.

I would recommend this book very much for everyone who has an interest in Penang, has some fond memories while staying there or would like to bring something of value that would be treasured for many years to come.

For me, it is a real treasure and a steal too. Where else can you get such good value for a mere RM60.00?

Yes, you heard (or read) that right, the book only costs RM60.00 a copy. I have another good news for you, you may also buy this book direct online from this web site. We ship anywhere in the world. The usual postage and packaging charges apply.

The book is perfect for a gift, a momento or another nice addition to your coffee table books collection.

  • "Nostalgic Penang Journal" is highly recommended. Order your copy now. Click here for more details.

*Photos on this page are provided courtesy of Tze and Penang Passion.

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"Nostalgic Penang Journal" is highly recommended. Order your copy now. Click here for more details.


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