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Penang Food Tour with Nazlina

Teh tarik at the Penang Food TourMy Penang food tour is naturally developed after popular requests from my cooking class students. So here it is, the details of what we can offer to you. A whirlwind tour to capture as much as possible within 5 hours

So, what will you do? What will you learn in my culinary food tour?

We start the day with a typical Malaysian breakfast of Indian styled roti canai with teh tarek (or the drink of your choice). We can discuss several aspects of Malaysian life, you will find out why roti canai is one of the most popular dishes in Malaysia.

Breakfast will also be the moment to inform you about what you can expect to see in the tour. Details of what for example is available depend on the season.

After the breakfast we will visit the morning wet market. The wet market closes early which is why the tour starts early. During the wet market tour we can try some of the local fruits and snacks if available at the market (not always the same depending on the season).

Fresh vegetables at the market

There are several parts of the market, the outdoor market, indoor dried market and indoor vegetable, meat and fish sections. Nazlina will tell you all about the different things you see and how it is used in traditional Malay and Nyonya cuisine. Expect to taste some snacks and fruits to get a taste of Malaysia.

Roti canai breakfast
Start of the Penang Food Tour: traditional Malaysian breakfast

The wet market part of the tour takes approximately 1.5 hours. When we finished the market, we go to the heritage area of George Town. We will visit temples, Mosques, famous landmarks and the Armenian Quarter. You will learn to recognize specific architectural features which is close related to the history of Penangs multi racial and social society.

An hour into the heritage tour is enough to get a drink, this could be the traditional teh tarek, ginger tea or mango lassi drink. As we have this "tea" break close to Little India after the break you will find yourself back into the sounds and smells of Little India. We visit old trades like a traditional goldsmith, basket makers, signboard carvers and whatever comes around depending on availability, opening times and accessibility.

A shrine at Little India
Visiting the local market

The tour is closed with a traditional Malay nasi padang coffee shop at Transfer Road.

For whom is the Penang Food Tour?

Who would enjoy the Penang Food Tour? People who are interested in what Malaysian food, no Penang food means, how it is different from other parts of Malaysia and therefore why it is famous.

Indian snacks
Little India delights

Further anyone with an interest in the Malaysian heritage and culture will find this tour extremely satisfying as you will learn about hidden parts of Penang many people either don't know or have forgotten.

There is no particular requirement for preparing yourself except being hungry for traditional Malaysian good and culture.

Kaffir limes Spring roll man

Be prepared during the many Malaysian festivals and holidays as Thaipusam, Chinese New Year, Hari Raya etc. you will find unexpected experiences in both culture and cuisine.

Thaipusam - breaking the coconuts
Breaking of the coconuts at Thaipusam

Time schedule

  • 7:00 am: Pick up from hotel
  • 7:30 am: Roti canai breakfast
  • 8:00 am: Wet market tour with fruit and local snacks sampling
  • 9:30 am Proceed to the heritage enclave.
  • 10.30am Tea/mango lassi break.
  • 11.00 am : Continue heritage walk at Little India.
  • 12.00 noon: Malay lunch at the famous nasi padang coffee shop at Transfer road
  • 1 pm : Drive back to hotel.

Chinese hawkers on the street


  • RM 250.00 private tour for a single person, inclusive return transfer from the hotel.
  • RM180.00 per person (two to three people), inclusive return transfer from the hotel.
  • RM 150.00 per person (four to eight people), inclusive return transfer from the hotel.

*Deduct RM30 per person, if you do not require transfer from the hotel to meet up at the starting point.

Itinerary would be lined out to you after you fill up the contact form.

Here are some photos to show you a glimpse of what you would experience during the tour:

Vegetables seller

torch ginger or bunga kantan


Religious items for the Chinese temples

A chinese temple


Street festivals

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