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Penang Heritage Trust (PHT)

The office of Penang Heritage Trust at Church Street in Penang
The office of Penang Heritage Trust

Penang Heritage Trust was established by several caring citizens of Penang
who fear that because of modernization, George Town will soon devoid of its
old heritage buildings. They band together, coming from all walks of life,
from a wide range of expertise, including architects, authors, travel agents and and also historians.

Besides the effort to conserve the buildings, this organization also runs many programs to create awareness, raise funds and lobbying the government about the plight of the citizens of Penang.

old pht headquarters
The  old office of Penang Heritage Trust PHT at Stewart Lane

The first office was located at Stewart Lane, and later relocated to Church Street, just opposite Pinang Peranakan Mansion.

Both venues occupy a shophouse, which is synonym to the landscape of old George Town. It is also not a coincidence that the logo for PHT depicts a Strait Chinese Style Shop house.

The membership of the trust is open to everyone, regardless of nationalities. There are two types of membership, ordinary membership which is a renewable annually or lifetime membership, which would entitle you to several privileges.

The members of PHT get frequent newsletters and they also can participate in guided tours of heritage designated sites which are scheduled often too, locally or abroad.

Because of the joint effort of PHT members, the people of Penang and the local government, George Town achieved the status of UNESCO's historic city. The passion and commitment from this group of extraordinary people is astounding.

That said, their job is far from over. Everyone still has to work hard to maintain the status. The main thing is education to the people. So that everyone from the noodles seller by the road side to the VIPs in their chauffeured cars understand why everyone has to play a role to preserve our heritage.

Opening hours and contact numbers of PHT
Opening hours and contact numbers of PHT

Some prominent members of Penang Heritage Trust are Madame Khoo Salma and Datuk Anwar Fazal. Madame Khoo was PHT's Honorary Secretary for twelve years. She is also an author of several books, while Daruk Anwar Fazal is an activist of a huge caliber and has a lot of knowledge and interests in related fields involving Penang.

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