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Almost everyone has their own Penang stories. This place holds a lot memories for many people. Those who lived here, worked here, visiting or just passing by. Most of them are fond memories of the people, the food and the places here.

The head of a Malay village in Penang receiving an award from an 
	English lady

We would like to hear from you. Especially long forgotten stories that would be lost if none of them is brought into light. Use our contact form to write and tell us.

girl on stone horse at kek lok si temple

You may attach a photo also to illustrate your stories. Penang Heritage City Website welcomes contributors to add color and carry on a lively discussion here.

What Other Visitors Have Said

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Nine Emperor God
Since I was young, I will follow my grandmother to go to the temple during 9th month of Chinese calendar. I like to make wish & according to stories that …

The Lion God Of Kuan Yin Teng
During the British time, The Lion God Of Kuan Yin Teng (the two lions outside the temple) used to go to Weld Quay to play during the night.

One day …

Ice Balls
I've been craving for Ice ball since I read an article about our Famous Penang Road Chendol from a food blogger what2see. I don't think kids nowadays have …

Penang Rowing Club
Just on the off chance..?

I was Captain of The Penang Rowing Club at Glugor in 1963/4...rowing in oared boats etc.,

The Club 'disappeared' with the …

Mr. Chan... my taxi driver... and my friend
A decade or so ago, I spent a lot of time "on the road". One of the places I was privileged to see was Malaysia. In particular, that Malaysian jewel, …

Admiral Cheng Ho : Man in the past,divinity in the present
Ask any fisher folk living around Batu Maung area who's Admiral Cheng Ho, none would know..but if you ask who's Sam Poh Kong, they've got a lot to tell …

Teh tarik,Penang mai!
Yup, that's how a true blue anak Penang would pronounce teh tarik..all the 'ri's in Bahasa Baku would be 'gh' in Penang,and most parts of the northern …

Tales of a Chinaman, from rags to riches 
This is a tale from my late granny,about her dad. She was the first daughter of Chee Wor Lok, a well known community leader who hailed from Toi San, Canton, …

Thaipusam in Penang 
Few festivals are so colorful as Thaipusam. I have visited Thaipusam 3 times now and if next year I am in the area, I will visit again.

Why? It's a …

Our Life
I lived in a small house.

I was originally from Ipoh, But my father had to move us here for business reasons. There my father died at age 74 of heart …

Thaipusam : the Chinese participants
I'm a 4th generation Chinese from Penang. Come Thaipusam each year, my family never fail to turn up to pay homage to Lord Muruga at the Waterfall temple.


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