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Photos of Heritage Buildings at Beach Street, Penang

Here are some of the photos of heritage buildings at Beach Street in Penang. One day you must come and walk the street yourself. Meanwhile, take the easy chair tour of my pictorial essay below. Some of the buildings have no signboard or marker to tell us of their origins or ownerships. However, almost of them are unique and easily identifiable by sight alone.

weird art deco tower at beach street penang
This is a weird art deco building/tower that I find intriguing. Most likely it is an infill structure to fill up the gap between two blocks. Thus, it was built with very narrow opening. 

DIGI   chinese merchant office at beach street
The telecommunication company DIGI occupies the corner of one building while a Chinese merchant occupies another.

former ocbc  cimb branch
The former Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation (OCBC) houses a security company while a massive block opposite India House is now owned by CIMB Bank.

newly restored building at beach street  building under restoration at beach street
The building on the left had just been restored. Even its original floor tiles are still intact.The one on the right was undergoing restoration also as of July 2008.

decaying   rotten
These two units are next to each other. Both have rotten, peeling wooden panes and mold due to unchecked dampness and heat. However, we can still see the beauty of what once had been. If they are not rescued soon, they will crumble and we will lose quite a national treasure.

india  barkath
India House and Barkath Store. The store is abandoned now while India House is still being used for business. Barkath Store used to be one of the oldest and largest import/export food companies in Penang. It brought in the brand Hacks, among others.

	immigration office at beach street  department of islamic religion affair, penang
The immigration office looks like a cake covered with delicious royal icing in orange and white. The blue and white building is the headquarters for the Islamic Religious Department in Penang.

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