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Spice Museum Photos

Spice Museum Photos can be viewed here. I took these photos while I was at the Tropical Spice Garden holding my Traditional Cooking Classes.

spice trade map
This large Spice Trade map and history chart graces one wall of the Spice Museum at the Tropical Spice Garden.

On the right is an old weighing scale (daching) using a lever system. On the left (and below) is a collection of glass jars, earthen jars (tempayan) and thermos which were used in the old days.

	thermos and other things

natural fiber bags tempayan
Bags made of natural fibers, on the left are baskets and earthenware jars used by spice merchants.

Old enameled giant kettles and teapots.

charcoal stoves and metal billy
Old metal billy cans and charcoal stove for brewing coffee or tea.

	kuih kapit (love letters molds)
Old molds for making love letters (kuih kapit); it is a popular snacks among the locals. Crispy and made using coconut milk and grilled over charcoal fire using the mold.

The entrance to the spice museum
The main entrance to the Spice Museum.

I simply love the visit to this museum. Even though it is very small but the exhibits are very enchanting. This museum can be visited when you enter Tropical Spice Garden, it is included in part of the tour that you can do yourself. Enjoy the serene atmosphere amidst the greenery. For a moment, you are in paradise *sigh*

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