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Welcome to Splendour Jewelleries. Besides looking good as attractive accessories, these gems have stories to tell. Here, you get to learn a little bit about gems, semi-precious stones and their potential benefits to your health.

Gems are natural crystals, mined from deep inside the earth, however there are gems which are organic in nature, such as bones that have become fossilized, corals, pearls (fresh water or sea water pearls), amber and mother of pearl. There are so many types of them and you could be wondering what would be the best ones for you.

Rare gems naturally command higher price. Precious stones include diamond, sapphire, ruby and emerald. Amethyst used to be categorized as a precious stone but since a large deposit was discovered in Brazil, this gem has been widely available and has gone down in value. However, please do not let this fact deter you from owning a piece of amethyst jewellery. Even though it is more affordable, it is still just as beautiful.

rose quartz ring jasper necklace

These stones are normally cut to reveal their true splendour. Craftsmen who are skilled in this art are called gemcutters, lapidary or lapidarists. Some stones look best when they are cut and polished in specific facets while some are left in the rough forms which can be made into pieces of jewellery that are unique. The study of gems is called gemology. It may cover what constitutes a gem, the terminology of gemstones, their physical and optical properties, and how those properties are used to identify gems.

Rose Quartz, Fluorite, Fresh Water Pearl Bracelet

Splendour Jewelleries offers handmade designer jewellery. No two pieces are alike. The stones are sourced out from reputable suppliers and they are set or strung securely using clasps that are made of non-allergenic materials.

You can either browse through the collection of ready-made pieces or order from me based on the design of sold pieces.

The items can be adjusted for size and you may choose any setting you like. In any case, I can help you choose and design your pieces.

What is the theory behind therapeutic gems?

A myriad of semi-precious stones waiting to be set into jewellery pieces.
A myriad of semi-precious stones waiting to be set into jewelry pieces.

Gems are formed within the earth crust; massive amount of pressure and extreme heat caused carbon to become diamonds, for example.

Therefore, there is an energy source trapped within the stones.

In order to harness the benefits and to release the energy, the gems need to be cut in certain shapes or worn in certain ways.

It is not merely a study of metaphysics, even though the ancients have had the knowledge for more than three thousands years. They also coupled this knowledge with horoscope and numerology. In modern times, physicists use gems to create beams of specific strength!

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