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Youth Park in Penang

Youth Park or Taman Belia is one of favorite places for the people of Penang to do their recreational activities. It is also one of the best public parks in the state.

This area has been established for quite some time. It is actually an extension of the Botanical Garden with the vision that this park will be the place for young people to play, camp and have fun without endangering themselves or disturbing the rest of the public. The Rotary Club built the roller skate ring as one of its projects for the park. Now, there are several manmade pools too in addition to the natural streams which come from the waterfalls.

	 at the youth park
Path at the Youth Park

There are ample parking spaces, a huge football pitch, an amphitheatre, reflexology path, jogging tracks, outdoor gyms as well as the indoor ones. The gardens are beautifully kept too. It is definitely one of my favorite places in Penang.

Children can play at the playground safely. The others can do jungle trekking, even archery. Everything is well equipped even though the standard is modest.

There are also wild animals here, in addition to an extensive arboretum of plants and trees. The macaques call out from the trees and swing around with no care to the visitors. Be careful with your belongings though, sometimes they hijack bags thinking there are food in them.

This is a popular place for events. Last year in 2008, the Food Festival was held here, also it was the place for a charity camp out to help the cancer victims.

How do we get there? If you do not have your own transportation, it is difficult to get here unless you walk from the Waterfall Hotel, about 20 minutes. The area is not served by the Public buses and taxis charge at least RM20.00 from the city center.

However, at the car park of Youth Park there is a shuttle service that goes to the Botanical Garden. This service was just introduced lately.

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